Top 10 Intriguing Facts About Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born dictator, who became the leader of the Nazi Party. His regime was responsible for the 5.5 million massacred Jews, whom they considered socially undesirable. His name was feared by many and will never be forgotten. But despite the fierceness of the name, it also embodies humor and intrigue. Here are facts about Hitler that you might find funny and fascinating.

1. Hitler used to be homeless

Hitler dreamt of becoming an artist, but was rejected by Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts. He stayed a while in Vienna, where he tried to earn a living selling some of his paintings. There were not of good quality, that is why he occasionally ran out of money.

When he did run out of resources, he would stay in homeless shelters in Vienna. When he sold a painting, he would usually spend the night in a hostel.

2. He liked to whistle to the tune of When You Wish Upon A Star

It was a relaxing hobby of his to whistle and he did so in moments of extreme happiness. He was once heard doing so while standing on a balcony overlooking Paris, witnessing the fall of its capital in 1940.

He also liked to whistle to another tune, “Who’s afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf”.

3. He was against animal cruelty

Hitler crafted laws against animal cruelty and made laws that would protect cattle, chickens and wild animals. He was a committed vegetarian since he was young.

Witnessing an autopsy was what possibly put him off meat forever, according to legend.

4. The Blow-up doll was his idea

The blow-up doll was made to prevent the spread of syphillis, among German soldiers, that was rampant during those times. It was due to the French prostitutes infected with the disease, that these soldiers hired to keep them company while in Vichy, France.

So, Hitler pioneered these blow-up dolls that the soldiers could pack and blow-up when the need arises. Sadly, the blow-up doll factories were destroyed during the Dresden bombing attacks.

5. He took photos of himself when he practiced his speeches

He hired photographer Heinrich Hoffman to take photos of himself while miming his speeches. He was a self-obsessed man who always wanted to see how he looked while doing so.

Thankfully, Hoffman did not destroy these photos when he was told to, otherwise, these pictures would have been just hearsays.

6. He suffered from paranoia

So paranoid was he, that he even hired food tasters to sample his food before he did. It was a result of a failed attempt to assassinate him that he became wary. Margot Woelk was once a food taster of Hitler and she had to endure imprisonment because of that.

Hitler was also scared of the unknown, so much that he would ask his maid to check under his bed before he slept.

7. Hitler had a farting disorder

He suffered from meteorosis, which was a farting disorder. He loved to eat pastries which made the disorder even worse. He was watchful of his meat and dairy intake to avoid producing the foul-smelling gas. He occasionally suffered from stomach cramps and pains that he would often excuse himself from the table.

This was another reason why Hitler stayed a vegetarian.

8. He was an insomniac

He slept around 4-5 in the morning and arose late, around 11 in the morning. The reason for his insomnia is his fear of the dark. He used to have somebody that kept him company and watched movies or played music for him.

He also liked to work during night time until dawn.

9. He was Time magazine’s Man Of The Year

In TIME magazine’s January 2, 1939 issue, Hitler was named Man Of The Year 1938. He was considered the most fearsome character for people who valued their freedom and democracy in those times. He had the incredible power to make Czechoslovakia a puppet of Germany without any violence involved.

He also had the support of Britain and France when he became Further of Germany.

10. Hitler had only one testicle

Hitler had only one testicle left, the other one he lost in the battle of Somme in 1916 as attested to by a German medic who saved Hitler’s life. He had an abdominal injury and that a testicle was lost during the battle according to the medic. He was dubbed the “screamer” because he used to do so a lot after the battle and because of the injuries he had suffered.

The German doctor who attended to him was asked by Hitler if he could still bear children or none at all.

The man has had his own share of demons to battle with. Isn’t it surprising that a powerful man that he was, had a lot to be afraid of? If only he was not responsible for the deaths of millions during World War I, people might actually like him. With this list of facts about him, the mysterious Hitler is no longer an enigma.

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