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Hi there! I am a freelance writer who lives and breaths content on a daily basis. I consider myself to be a living paradox. An old soul trapped in a modern world. A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and a professional over-thinker. I can't start anything unless I have my coffee. Writing has been and always will be my way of calming the storms in my heart and mind.

Top 10 Pregnancy Realities for Upcoming Moms

Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman. It is said that this is the time she becomes complete and her life is given...

Top 10 Cheap Things to Collect

Collecting things is apparently one of the most traditional things to do. A lot of people are very much fond of collecting several things...

Top 10 Big Ideas for Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are rising into popularity these days, with little cabins and houses popping up here and there, TV shows and articles showcasing the...

Top 10 Helpful Tips to Start Writing

Writing is a hobby that many of us share. For some, it is even a source of income. Writing is a practice of creativity,...

Top 10 Carry-On Essentials When Traveling

When it's the travel season, we should always be prepared with the stuff that we need to take with us. Packing is the first...

Top 10 Hacks to Prolong Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

In the recent times, one of the most common problems of smartphones is the battery life. As time passes by, you may notice that...

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